A Big Welcome to Winchester Brew Works!

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A Big Welcome to Winchester Brew Works!
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We had the pleasure of interviewing co-owner Holly Redding of Winchester Brew Works! Read below to find out what makes this brand new bar so unique.

How is your beer connected to the Shenandoah Valley? 

This brewery aims to make every person who walks through its doors feel like they’re home – and that feeling starts with their beer names.

“So, part of how we’re connected to the Shenandoah Valley is just how we’ve named our beers. Several of our beers are named after hikes, or parts of the George Washington national forest, or the national parks and areas… Like one of our beers is named the Cascade Falls IPA, which is a waterfall in Virginia, and then we also have Morgan Run which is another one, and then we have a beer called Fire Road…”

Impressively, Holly was able to continue on with names and their counterparts for a decent amount of time. This just goes to shoWinchester Brew Works collaboration with charities. w how native Winchester Brew Works truly is. That hike you thought only you and your friends knew about? Chances are the owners have probably already been there, created a concoction, and named it after that very place!

“Also, our tasting room is something else we’ve really tried to tie into the Valley and what we love. We’ve got a giant canoe in the middle of the tasting room, and we have a huge mural painted up on one of our walls that’s got a view of the Valley.” Like I said, it’s home away from home.

What sets Winchester Brew Works beer apart from the rest? 

 “Part of what sets us apart is that we are a really small brewery, so when we brew a batch of beer, we’re only able to use about 100 gallons at a time – compared to a lot of other breweries that use thousands of barrels at a time. That gives us the opportunity to experiment, I would say, a little bit more than the larger breweries.”

As a brewery with a to-date lifespan of about a year and a half, Winchester Brew Works still has a notable number of delectable flavors for you to try! If “well over 40 different beers” doesn’t get your blood pumpin’ and your brain whirling with all of the endless possibilities of just how many flavors are on rotation, then you probably don’t love beer as much as Winchester Brew Works does.


A yogi and her Winchester Brew Works draft beer.

Which beer was your first craft beer? 

 “The first beer we brewed and we knew we were gonna keep around was the Canoe Love Cream Ale. So we brewed that as home brewers several times until we got a recipe that we liked, and then started brewing it on a large scale.” The name is only fitting of the Valley, as canoeing is high on the list of beloved water past times for many locals. “If we had a flagship beer, the Canoe Love Cream Ale would be it.”


What does the community appreciate most about Winchester Brew Works? 

 “I have to say – I think that we are a community gathering place. Our entire business plan was based around being a place where people could come in with their friends and family, hang out, have a good beer, enjoy their time, and not feel rushed to leave. We’ve made so many friends who started as customers, and are now friends outside of the brewery. And also, we’ve seen a lot of relationships develop – people that wouldn’t have met one another if it wasn’t for Winchester Brew Works.” There are so many awesome things to do at Brew Works, including trivia nights on Mondays!

Monday nights are for Trivia!

It’s a place that caters to the community while staying true to the owners’ visions. Come in, grab a drink, meet great people – rinse and repeat! If you haven’t been to the Winchester Brew Works, then you haven’t experienced your newest home away from home.