Best Places to Cool Off This Summer

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Best Places to Cool Off This Summer
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It’s hot! And it’s only going to get hotter as the summer goes on. If you’re on the hunt for a spot to cool down and take a dip, no need to fear, because you’ve got plenty of options for swimming right here in the Valley.

Clarke County Parks and Rec Public Pool

The Clarke County Parks and Rec public pool is an awesome spot to take yourself, a few friends, or the whole family! Prepare to spend a whole day there because they’ve got all you need in one spot. There is a concession area, locker rooms, basketball court, and even a separate children’s pool for the little ones.  Between the 25-meter pool and the two diving boards, you can do all the swimming, diving, and jumping that you desire!  If you’re not a member, you can simply purchase tickets the day you go. For pool hours and admission information, you can go to the Clarke County Parks and Rec website.

Smith Mountain Lake

I can personally attest that this is one of the best lakes around! My family and I have spent a few vacations at this lake, and we love it.  The water is clean and stays at a comfortable temperature that is not too hot and not too cold. There are plenty of parks and stops surrounding the approximately 500 miles of shoreline.  It is perfect for a day trip, or to stay the weekend.  Of course, you can kayak, canoe, even take your boat out, but my favorite thing to do is take out my float and relax among the  breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountain scenery. Here is some information about the state park.

Massanutten Resort Waterparks

Waterparks are the ultimate day of fun, and Massanutten Resort has not one, but two of them! That’s right, both an indoor and an outdoor waterpark offer adventure, excitement, and awesome summertime Summer | Things to do | Massanutten Resort | Virginiamemories. You can float down the lazy river, climb through the Massanutten Meltdown, or have a blast going down one of the many slides. All information about the park and its amenities can be found here.

Lake Laura at Bryce Resort

If you were hoping to take the family somewhere a little more low-key, you should head to Lake Laura at Bryce Resort! This charming lake is surrounded by beautiful nature, fascinating wildlife, and plenty of fresh air. There is a designated swimming area along with some floating docks that are tons of fun to jump off of! The lake water is so refreshing and enjoyable that you may never want to leave! You can pay for a one-day admission, or you could even buy a season pass that way you can come back again and again. Here is the information about passes and lake rules and regulations.

Don’t settle for the backyard pool all summer long – get out and relish in all that the Valley has to offer! There are plenty of places to swim, relax, and make memories with family and friends. Whether it’s outside among the incredible scenery, or inside with awesome adventures, there is endless fun to be had that will keep you cool in this summer heat!

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