Best Local Ice Cream Stops for National Ice Cream Month!

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Best Local Ice Cream Stops for National Ice Cream Month!
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In 1984, Ronald Reagan boldly designated that the month of July would be known nationally as ‘Ice Cream Month’! And they say politicians are corrupt?

Organic Day Trip

The Shenandoah Valley is prime ice cream location, thanks to being surrounded by so many local dairy farms! There’s nothing better than knowing exactly where the food you eat comes from, and ice cream is no exception. One of the best locations to try out ice cream produced from locally sourced dairy is Mt. Crawford Creamery’s Smileys Ice Cream! All of the dairy comes straight from Mt. Crawford Creamery cows, where you can schedule a visit to see exactly how everything gets made (and pet some cute cows while you’re at it). For the ultimate day trip experience, stop by Mt. Crawford Creamery first, and then head over to Smiley’s for a cup or cone of pure deliciousness. For a list of their upcoming flavors, check this out.

Want to one-up Smiley’s homemade ice cream? Grab some super fresh milk from Mt. Crawford Creamery to take home, where, coupled with a few other ingredients, you can make your own ice cream with the family!

On The Go

Nothing is as tempting as seeing an ice cream shop off to the side of the road, and you really have to take advantage of it during the hot months. Once it starts getting colder, you’re likely to be restricted to grocery store specialties again. So the next time one of your passengers sees an ice cream spot and asks you to pull over, do it! Of the many locations one could potentially pass, Harmony Square DQ Grill & Chill is always a safe and appetizing bet (Oreo blizzard, anyone?). A classic banana split is sure to get your taste buds motivated for future ice cream stops!

Another cool joint that practically requires you to divert your eyes else risk stopping is a small place right off of Rt. 7, in Berryville. Willie’s Ice Cream will definitely appeal to soft serve lovers out there! Added options include home-made ice cream, as well as hand dipped toppings and snow cones! Sit outside and enjoy the sun while you can, but keep tabs on your melting treat!

No matter what flavor you prefer, be sure to get out and enjoy National Ice Cream Month to the best of your abilities! Forget diet restrictions and time crunches; remember to enjoy the small things in life – like a sweet sugary cone treat stacked with your favorite flavor of ice cream scoops.