Best Free Picnic Spots To Explore in the Shenandoah Valley

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Best Free Picnic Spots To Explore in the Shenandoah Valley
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This is the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy a picnic with your friends and family! Whether you’re a babysitter trying to find something fun for the kids, or looking for a date idea that’s not so typical, picnics are a great go-to choice!

Bear’s Den: Bluemont, VA

Bear’s Den is a wonderful spot for those who are looking to make a day of it.  There are a few different options depending on what you want to do and what the weather is like. Want to start early, get a good hike in, and go all the way to stunning overlooks? Bring the food in a backpack and find yourself a spot looking out over incredible and vast scenery.  Want to get outside even though it may be a little rainy and wet? Bring the good ol’ picnic basket and set up shop at the Bear’s Den gazebo.

C & O Canal: Free Picnic Spots | Go Blue Ridge Travel | Shenandoah Valley Kids Trail | Picnics | SummertimeShepherdstown, WV

There are countless good spots to set up a picnic along the C & O Canal. You can park your car and access the canal from many spots, but I would recommend the Shepherdstown, WV access. If you’re not looking to pack a lunch that day, you could always grab something tasty from a place in town and pack that instead! You’ve got your choice of walking or biking, since the canal is nice and flat, stretching for miles. Bring the blanket and find any spot you’d like – you’ve got plenty of riverbank to choose from.

Skyline Drive: Blue Ridge Mountains, VA

If you’re looking for some additional adventure, you’ve got plenty to see along Skyline Drive! You can start out at whichever point is closest to you, and drive for as long as you desire. Feel free to stop along your way at one of the many lookouts to take a break and dig into the picnic basket. Delicious food, breathtaking views, endless fun – you will love it!

Jefferson’s Rock: Harpers Ferry, WV

This is a hike that will give you an amazing view Free Picnic Spots | Go Blue Ridge Travel | Shenandoah Valley Kids Trail | Picnics | Jefferson Rock | Harpers Ferryfor your picnic! There are lots of steps, but the hike itself is relatively short and can be done by the whole family. Once at the top, you will look out at the mountains and rivers, and of course the historic, charming town of Harpers Ferry. The large rocks at the top are plenty big and flat enough to spread out with the picnic basket and enjoy yourselves.

Bring your sunscreen, picnic basket and blanket, and prepare to have a fantastic day doing something a little different than normal. The beauty of picnics is that they are entirely customizable – you get to choose the food, the spot, and the accessibility of it all.

Picnics are an awesome, more relaxed way to get out and breathe the fresh air without completely wearing you down by day’s end! If you’re looking for more great hiking locations, check out this blog “Fun Hikes For Your Family.”

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