Beauty & the Beast Interview with Jim

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Beauty & the Beast Interview with Jim
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We sat down with Jim Kopp, owner of The Family Drive-In Theatre in Front Royal, VA, for a short interview surrounding both the new Disney blockbuster as well as the Drive-In’s 61st anniversary!



Tell me about the release of Beauty and the Beast, I know it is going to be one of the biggest movies you all are showing.

“This actually is going to be a huge movie. Beauty and the Beast is tracking in the industry very very well. As a matter of fact it is tracking as one of the biggest movies Disney has issued in years! Theatres are selling out all over the country for this movie. We are having a Beauty and the Beast Ball for the movie. We have sold out the advanced tickets Friday and Saturday night, so we had to add Sunday, which we added last week and one of the screens are already sold out! It is a big deal for us to open for such a big movie – it’s just something else. For us it is really a big event, we normally don’t sell out.”

Can you tell me more about this Ball and what it entails?

“We will be featuring characters from Beauty and the Beast and there is going to be dancing. We will have cakes each night. Folks are encouraged to dress up formally (or informally). It is going to be a big family event. We will have a short ball like what they have in the movie. It will be under a 40×40 tent with chandeliers. We have a wedding cake!”


Have you ever done anything like this before?

“Actually a couple years ago we did a Cinderella Ball but it wasn’t as popular as this one. We were originally rented a 20×40 tent and I had to move to bigger tent. We will expect 600-700 folks each night.”


What else is going on new this year?

“As I told many folks, the products coming out of Hollywood are fantastic this year. One of the best movie years that I have seen in years. Some fantastic products, It is going to be a good year for families to come out for movies. Guardian of the Galaxies, another Cars movie, another Spiderman coming out. D-Day movie coming out that will be very big. Another Despicable me movie with the minions. Another Planet of the Apes movie. A lot of these are sequels but are tracking to be very popular!


So there you have it, straight from the owner himself! If you’re interested in attending the Beauty & the Beast | 61st Anniversary Event, you can purchase online tickets for Sunday here.