An Unconventional Valentine’s Day

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An Unconventional Valentine’s Day
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It’s February 14th and you’re not interested in having another boring, candle-lit dinner with your partner. You don’t want to read another Hallmark card and you don’t even want to look at sweets after everything you ate over the holiday season. The ‘same old, same old’ can get tiring – but it doesn’t have to be ordinary this year! Below are some ideas for a more adventurous and explorative way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Option 1: Work Out!

It certainly isn’t top on most peoples celebratory list for Valentine’s, but it should be. We are in a prime location for hiking and biking trails with beautiful mountain views. Grab a blanket and take in the scenery after a thorough hike to a high point – what’s more romantic then that? Harpers Ferry, Bryce Resort, and Massanutten Resort all offer an abundance of massive hiking trails. There’s also the option of hiking to Woodstock Tower for a stunning, 360-degree view of the seven bends of the Shenandoah River. If hiking or biking is too strenuous for you or your loved one, try going to the gym for a change of pace.ShenValley

Option 2: Give Back!

During Valentine’s Day, it’s all too easy to get lost in the demands presented by consumerism. Buy thVDayis, buy that; “shop here for the perfect gift that says I love you”! To put a twist on this option, try giving in a different way. Whether it’s a local animal or homeless shelter, church, or for a cause you believe in, try donating just a little to get a greater return on investment – feeling accomplished together! The two of you can contribute to a greater cause. Take the time to visit and play with puppies and kittens in your local shelter. Take the time to visit your local homeless shelter and be active in that community – help with a food drive. Giving back will bring you and your sweetie closer together than flowers or jewelry ever could. For your local listings of animal shelters, click here, and for your local listings of homeless shelters, click here.


Option 3: Celebrate Early!

It’s quite easy to sit on your rump Nibblins - Chocolate Covered Strawberriesand call fine dining restaurants to make a reservation for the 14th. But guess what? That’s what everyone else is doing, too! Skip the crowds and go for something more personal, like a Nibblins cooking class! Not everyone will have time on a weekday to celebrate and Nibblins recognizes that, which is why they’ll be hosting an ‘Early Valentine’s Dinner’ on Saturday, February 11th. You and your loved one will cook and savor a delicious 4-course meal, including: Steak Oscar, Potatoes au Gratin, Pot au Crème, and chocolate-covered strawberries to top it off.



Try something different this dining holiday! If you’ve an idea that isn’t exactly the norm for Valentine’s, embrace it! It’s sure to be more memorable than dining out at another restaurant. And of course, Go Blue Ridge Travel wishes you and your loved one a unique and wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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