An Exclusive Evening at Magnolias

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An Exclusive Evening at Magnolias
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Magnolias at the Mill

Located in the heart of Purcellville, VA, Magnolias at the Mill provides the perfect rustic retreat that your taste buds will thank you for. The restaurant sports locally renowned chefs who use all of the freshest ingredients possible – straight from the farmer, then to the restaurant, and finally onto your plate.

Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin and Steve Ferrell

To say that chef Erik is really happy about inviting Hillbrook’s Steve Ferrell into his own stomping grounds would be an understatement. Together, they’ll be cooking an amazing, gourmet five-course menu paired with ciders to polish off some of the best seafood you’ve ever tasted. November is known for delicious seafood like oysters and scallops. Get a head start on the scallop festivities at Magnolias and get to know the chef who’ll be preparing them, too (Erik).  If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll leave with a new recipe to cook at home!


Course 1

Ceviche Forte – Scallop, Pulpo, Skrei, and Cuttle Fish paired with Spiced Saarte Cider

Course 2

Short smoked Black Cod, Charred Radicchio Antipasti, and Boucheron Anchovy paired with a Black Currant Cider

Course 3

Hand shucked Scallops, Linguica, charred Octopus, Langoustine, Belly Clam and spiced Kabocha Broth paired with Mulled Brandy Cider


Speck rested Wolf Turbot, Merguez, Chili Flake, and charred Red Apple & Shallot paired with a Corcorran Knothead Cider


Sour Apple Pate a Fruit, Pumpkin Pot au Crème, and spiced Buckwheat Crepe Cake

When asked why he chose a seafood menu, his response was: “Ciders are multi seasonal, as is seafood but this time of year

provides a great variety of both and seafood is the perfect example of the ability to attain unique and

fresh ingredients.” He also mentions, “Cider is growing on me…” as a contributing factor. Indeed, cider seems to be growing on everyone these days. A historically ignored drink is now getting the recognition it deserves for its crisp, fall taste!

Magnolias is known for catering to their fans, and that means procuring the freshest batches of seafood that they can get. Even hours and hours away from the nearest fresh seafood suppliers, Magnolias has formed special relationships with these farmers that grants them a seafood menu fit for a restaurant set on the water.

This second installment of Root to Table will have similarities to the first, but is also going to have vast differences. Aside from the menu, this event is going to be a little more exclusive, featuring a close-knit set of chefs who are really coming together to showcase the community’s wealth of natural, farm to table ingredients.

Welcome to our table fountain

Hillbrook Inn & Spa, site of the first Root to Table | Jenna Sterner Photography

“This is a more intimate experience over the first chef series dinner, in that Steve and I will be interacting heavily with our guests.  I think the beauty of doing these differently as each one is its own unique experience, exclusive to that particular dinner.”

Chef Erik invites any and every lover of food to dinner at his home away from home, Magnolias at the Mill Restaurant, on November 3rd for our official Root to Table dinner. 

“I hope that our guests get a few things from the dinner. Firstly, I hope to pass on our passion for feeding them and using the ingredients that we do… convey the fact that we really do love providing the hospitality and experience to each and every person at the table. It’s important to teach a bit so that people come away with some usable knowledge that will continue to enrich their cooking for themselves and eating by others hands.” He adds, “And fingers crossed that we can share some of our methods for people to try themselves!”

You can grab your tickets, here! We’ll see you there.