Farm-Fresh Experience

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Farm-Fresh Experience
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Have you ever seen a dairy cow being milked? Have you ever bottle-fed a calf? If you haven’t, you should definitely head to Mt. Crawford Creamery and change all that. While you’re there, be sure to try or buy some delicious, farm-fresh milk! I had a wonderful first-time visit. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Frank, who is in charge of the calves, and Kenny, who is in charge of milking and feeding. I also got to meet the adorable farm dogs.

I made it just in time to bottle feed a calf. For being such a small thing, she sure was strong, almost took the bottle out of my hands! I then had the opportunity to see the cows being milked. It is a very interesting process you’ll have to see for yourself. Kenny was happy to give me loads of information.

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Obviously, after seeing the process, I had to go to the store and try some farm-fresh milk! Mt. Crawford Creamery’s chocolate milk trumps all other chocolate milk. The skim milk was amazing, tasting similar to 2%. This flavor is due to the ever present cream. I was then persuaded by the very sweet and cheerful cashier to try buttermilk. I didn’t know a lot about buttermilk other than it’s thick, used for cooking, and may have chunks of butter in it. I was apprehensive, but I was also wrong on all preconceived notions. It was quite good and didn’t taste like something meant only for cooking. In addition, there were no chunks of butter. In fact, I learned that buttermilk almost never has butter in it. It is called buttermilk because it is a liquid leftover from producing butter, fun fact of the day.


The holidays are here meaning it is time for eggnog! Mt. Crawford Creamery produces non-homogenized, low temperature pasteurized eggnog from November to December. It is the perfect drink to bring to a holiday gathering! Festive, homegrown, and delicious, you’ll be the hit of the dinner party. In addition to milk, Mt. Crawford offers soaps, lotions, peanuts, apparel, coffee, tea, honey, cheese, and more! Once you taste products that come from a farm where you can see the animals and the process, you won’t want to go back to what’s in the grocery store. Quality over quantity.