Adventure Game for Kids Launches

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Adventure Game for Kids Launches
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Now that school is out, it’s easy for kids to get stuck inside staring at TVs and computer screens, with hardly any educational content to challenge their minds. But have no fear; Go Blue Ridge Travel is here!

GoBRT’s Kids Trail is introducing a fun, new Travel Adventure Game for families this summer, which is full of prizes and educational adventures that will leave your kids wanting more! Beginning June 7th, 2016, kids all across the Blue Ridge will work to complete Bucket’s and her friends, Fungi, Ridge, and Shenny’s, adventure cards! Each character has a unique personality and will teach kids about different areas, like fitness, creativity, history, and wellness! Never before has learning been this fun.

How do you play you might ask? The Shenandoah Valley is the game board and your mobile phone is your guide! Sign up here to begin your adventure! To complete an activity on the card, you must find the magic word at each location and submit it in the appropriate space on the website. Each destination has a different way to play, so families might climbing a mountain, scavenging for different fruits and veggies, searching for a beloved pig, or helping Bucket complete his secret recipe! Each magic word is unique and represents why Bucket and his friends love these hidden treasures of the Blue Ridge. And no need to stress about misplacing this game, because the site will save all your accomplishments!

Here is just a small taste of the adventures that the three snails (and one pretty cool mushroom) will take you on this summer:

Whitewater Rafting at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. (Photo by Harpers Ferry Adventure Center)

Whitewater Rafting at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. (Photo by Harpers Ferry Adventure Center)

  • Bucket, and her enthusiasm for the outdoors and fitness, will send you and your family to Harper’s Ferry Adventure Center and other exhilarating destinations with the Great Outdoors Adventure Card! Grab your tennis shoes and get ready for hiking, zip-lining, golfing, and more!
  • Fungi, who is all about cooking healthy and delicious meals, will guide you to Throx Market and other delightful venues with the Wellness Card! You will learn all about healthy snack alternatives, the beauty of life on the farm, and the art of cooking with this card.
  • Shenny loves all things beautiful! She will lead you to The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema as well as other spots to challenge your curiosity. Spark your creativity with this card by exploring gardens, learning to be a TV anchor, and getting inspired by some hilarious films.
    The Family Drive-In in Stephens City, VA. (Photo By Douglas Graham/Wild Light Photos)

    The Family Drive-In in Stephens City, VA. (Photo By Douglas Graham/Wild Light Photos)

  • Ridge enjoys learning about the past as well as playing with all the cool new digital gadgets. He will direct you to The Family Drive-In, which is currently celebrating their 60th anniversary in business, as part of the History card! Along with other historical destinations on this card, you will be taken back in time and make history with your family!

Don’t forget the incredible prizes that you and your kids can enjoy! Everyone is a winner in the game, because kids will receive a small prize at every destination they visit! Complete a card and receive an even larger prize from the card sponsor, like a free kid’s Admit (1) ticket from The Family Drive-In and The Alamo Drafthouse. But the prizes don’t stop there!! One lucky family will win a two-day trip to the Shenandoah Valley with a special itinerary customized for their family by the Kids Trail concierge. This is truly an experience your family will never forget.

There is no better way to spend you summer than in the Blue Ridge… so come spend it with Bucket, Shenny, Fungi, and Ridge by joining the Bucket’s Buddy Adventure program today!! With so many activities, prizes, and adventures before you, our only question for you is… where will you begin?