A Unique Shopping Experience – Live An Artful Life

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A Unique Shopping Experience – Live An Artful Life
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In our new we have spoken of three great stores. Kimberly’s and Nibblins Edibles and Gifts we highlighted earlier.  I would like to introduce to our third truly unique store – Live An Artful Life Gallery. 

Located in The Plains, Virginia off of Interstate 66, the owners Tom and Linda Neel wanted to not just run a business but to follow a life style allowing the creative art aspect of life to be their guide to success both financially and emotionally. Both artists, Tom is a well-known painter, photographer, and lecturer. Linda is a national award-winning textile artist. 

The gallery’s goal is to make your shopping experience inspiring to be creative, mediative to the stressed, relaxing to the worked, and above all else, fun! The gallery is surrounded by rolling hills, endless wineries, horse country, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

For the Blue Ridge Shopper who wants to look outside of the IKEA, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn decor look for his/her new home, Live An Artful Life Gallery offers the unusual, the beautiful, and the must have one of a kind gift.  Just for your entertaining, the gallery has a new line of dinnerware called Fire and Light!

Fire and Light hand-poured glass tableware has a way of drawing the eye, enchanting the viewer with the unique play of light that filters through its rich spectrum of colors and textures.  Firie and Light Originals has a noteworthy heritage, formed in 1995 as a partnership between the Arcata Communtiy Recycling Center in Humboldt County, California and a group of local investors who wanted to develop an innovative plan for using crushed, recycled glass. The founders decided to turn their recycled glass into a distinctive line of colored glass dinnerware.

Fire and Light colored glassware is a product whose history is a kind of future, where age-old craftsmanship meets innovative manufacturing, utilizing post consumer glass as a resource.  But it’s the beauty that will get you, the twinkle of light on the surface of a watery blue bowl, and the knowledge that we get as much happiness out of making the colored glass bowl as you will have from having it on your table. 

Because the dinnerwarae comes in nine colors which you mix and match, your options on the look of your dining table is endless.  Depending on the number of guests you are having, you can literally set a different table look each time you entertain.

Wanting a nice drive out to the country, visit The Plains, Virginia. Have lunch at the The Rail Stop  Restaurant or Folano’s Market and Restaurant and visit Live An Artful Life.

What are your shopping preferences?  We would love to hear about your favorite shops in the Blue Ridge. Email us so we can share with our Blue Ridge tourists.