A Journey Through the Season at Lansdowne Resort

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A Journey Through the Season at Lansdowne Resort
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A Change of Date for Lansdowne Spring Event    

One of the Root to Table dinners we’re most excited about will take place on May 31st! With the location being Lansdowne Resort and Spa, it’s no surprise that tickets have been going fast. Read on for all the yummy details!

About the Event

Lansdowne Resort’s dinner will be centered around harmony and balance. You’ll find further down that the amazing nine-course menu has many herbs and aromatic ingredients that have a long and ancient history in the medicinal world. You can expect these ingredients to not be too overpowering, but at the same time completely pull each course together with a strong sense of theme. 

“The base of traditional Chinese medicine is food, and seasonality plays a key role in how your body reacts to all ingredients. Get your body ready for spring with the introduction of traditional Chinese medicine to form balance and harmony in your lifestyle. Experience this special evening accompanied by Root to Table partners and friends.”    – Lansdowne Resort

Chef Marcus Repp of Lansdowne Resort

Chef Marcus Repp

For those daunted by the thought of a nine-course dinner, don’t worry! Because of the event’s theme centered around the orient, many of the courses pre-entrée will be bite-sized, with the goal that the flavor and quality take precedence. Reaching back to the roots of traditional Chinese food preparation in harmony with the Spring season, Chef Marcus’ courses will wow you.

Aside from head chef and culinary director Marcus Repp of Lansdowne Resort, participating chefs will include Executive Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin of Magnolias at the Mill, Executive Chef Steven Ferrell of Hillbrook Inn, and Chef and Natural Foods Specialist Abby McAllister of Schenck Foods Co. For exclusive interviews, head to Taste of Blue Ridge!

One of the best things about being a foodie fan of our Root to Table dinners is that you’ll get a discount on lodging if you choose to stay overnight at Lansdowne! Head here for your special discount!

The Menu 

Beginning with a selection of Charcuterie and Cheese featuring Longstone Farm Meats and Loxley Cheese, guests will enjoy a taste of Chinese cuisine with an emphasis on wellness thru food selections.

Course 1

Cucumber & Garlic, roasted Nuts, Crudité, hydroponic Bouquets

Course 2

Lard & Scallion Pancakes, grilled Shrimp, sweet aromatic Soy Sauce

Course 3

Lavender Oasis Chai Smoked Rabbit “ballontine”, Goji Berry, local Honey

Course 4

Edamame Dumplings – Dashi, Seasonal Micro Greens, Saffron

Course 5

Seafood – Scallops, Sweet Shrimp, Local Crab, Local Bacon

Course 6

Intermezzo – Cleansing Chicken Soup, Noodles, Scallions, Sesame oil

Course 7

Red Rice Congee, Wok Fried Pork Jowl, pickled Mushrooms, Greens

Course 8

7th Rib & Short Rib, Star Anise, Garlic, Lemongrass, Taro & Arugula

Course 9

Glutinous Rice Ball Soup – Rose Hips & Ginger

Chinese Mooncake – Rosehip Cookies and Ginger Candy


*Guests who enjoy the expansive menu rich in flavor and drenched in culture will be delighted to take home an extra course – Harmonious Four Seasons Truffles / Green Alchemy Tea.

Picture of Asian Food Lansdowne Resort

Taste of Blue Ridge

In its infancy in 2017, Root to Table‘s sole intention was to round up our close friends (of which happened to be several amazing chefs, business owners, and farmers) to see what Appalachian flavors we could concoct.

Taste of Blue Ridge Logo  | Lansdowne resort

They were a handful of passionate people who shared in that vision; they helped map out the very first ever Root to Table blueprint at Hillbrook Inn & Spa. The guests who attended were veteran foodies, well versed in the flavors and cuisine capabilities of the Shenandoah region. Those guests, alongside our initial passionate bunch, told their friends, of which told their friends. Year two of Root to Table saw an expansion to two flagship dinners. Year three has almost left the team a little stumped… What has now expanded into ten events spread out through 2019, Root to Table’s success can only be attributed to you, our passionate guests, who helped create the buzz needed to generate this kind of momentum, and maybe a little hard work from our teams, too.

Thanks to Our Sponsor

Schenck FoodsStarted in 1928, Schenck Foods Co. has shown its ability to adapt and evolve, over and over again, while staying true to their mission. When you consider shopping for local artisanal or farm goods for your commercial or at home needs, we hope you consider Schenck Foods.

We look forward to seeing new and old faces on April 12th at Lansdowne Resort! You can purchase tickets here, or buy package tickets here.