An Italian Farm Dinner at Lansdowne Resort

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An Italian Farm Dinner at Lansdowne Resort
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Lansdowne Italian Farm Dinner Invite

One of the Root to Table dinners we’re most excited about will take place on May 31st! With the location being Lansdowne Resort and Spa, it’s no surprise that tickets have been going fast. Read on for all the yummy details!

About Lansdowne Resort’s Event

Lansdowne Resort’s dinner will be centered around Italian countryside cuisine. You’ll find further down that the amazing eight-course menu has many herbs and aromatic ingredients that celebrate and bring Italian cooking to the forefront. You can expect these ingredients to not be too overpowering, but at the same time completely pull each course together with a strong sense of theme. 

Chef Marcus Repp of Lansdowne Resort

Chef Marcus Repp

“Come join Taste of Blue Ridge at Lansdowne Resort and Spa for an Italian inspired al fresco farm dinner where we will combine healthy local ingredients, vino, music and good vibes to kick off the summer!”  – Lansdowne Resort

“We are doing something so important for the region and the people that live here. Driving quality and connecting with the farmers and artisans is such a wonderful experience. It connects us to the land and the people. We are all so excited to be a part of this revolutionary movement.”

Chef Marcus Repp

You can check out Chef Marcus’ full interview at Taste of Blue Ridge!

Aside from head chef and culinary director Marcus Repp of Lansdowne Resort, participating chefs will include Executive Chef Erik Foxx-Nettnin of Magnolias at the Mill, Executive Chef Steven Ferrell of Hillbrook Inn, and Chef and Natural Foods Specialist Abby McAllister of Schenck Foods Co. For exclusive interviews, head to Taste of Blue Ridge!

Daniela guest chef Lansdowne Root to Table event

Guest Chef Daniela Williams of CUCINAMORE

Guest chef Daniela Williams is a personal chef and owner of CUCINAMORE, LLC – Italian Cooking Parties In Your Kitchen. She was born and raised in the Italian city of Treviso, 25 miles north of Venice, in the North-Eastern part of the Country. In 2008, she moved to the United States and has made a home there with her husband Vince, and their sons, Jason and Nicholas. Daniela founded CUCINMORE at the beginning of 2014, when she moved to Loudoun County.

“I am so excited for the incredible opportunity I am given by Chef Marcus Repp to work side by side with him and such amazing professionals. I hope I can bring an authentic taste of my native country to this event. Using locally sourced ingredients where I come from is a way of life: it’s not only about the better quality of the food but also the entire culture that those choices represent and are brought to the dinner table. Can’t wait to be a part of the team who will put together a true Italian Farm Dinner in Loudoun!” Chef Daniela Williams

One of the best things about being a foodie fan of our Root to Table dinners is that you’ll get a discount on lodging if you choose to stay overnight at Lansdowne! Head here for your special discount!

The Menu

Cannellini bean & rosemary spread, salami on crostini
Beef tartare, quail egg, capers, Dijon
Tuna, eggplant, tomato, aioli
Local Cheese & Meats
Added Items from the guest chefs
Wine: Prosecco, Mionello
Lansdowne Team / Chef Marcus

First Bite 
Duck and chicken pate, pistachio butter, tomato jam, crostini’s, pickles, cipollini
Chef Erik- Magnolias at the Mill

Wine: Pino Santi, Pinot Grigio Sortesele 2017

Antipasti Misti
Grilled vegetables, spring greens, pistou, cherry tomatoes, buffalo burrata

Homemade tagliatelle, white lamb ragu, ricotta salata
Chef Daniela- Cucinamore

Wine: Gavi, Marchesi Di Barolo 2017

Duck Tortellini Soup with Squash
Chef Steve- Hillbrook Inn

Mediterranean seafood risotto, saffron, pecorino and mushrooms
Chef Jeff- Bavarian Inn Resort

Wine: Chianti Classico, Castello de Bossi “Bacci” 2013

Basil & Olive oil infused sorbet, strawberries
Chef Abigail- Schenck Foods Co.

Charred dry aged prime grass-fed short loin, roasted shallot, pepperoncini rossi marrow butter
Chef Erik- Magnolias at the Mill

Wine: Tre Toscana, Brancia 2014

Italian Delights
Lansdowne Team / Chef Marcus /Chef Abigail

Wine: Moscato D’ Asti, Umberto Fiore 2017

Lansdowne cooking herbs


Taste of Blue Ridge

“There are many things that make the Blue Ridge Root to Table events special. First, it is not a quiet reserved event. People are seated at long farm tables where it is difficult not to join into the conversation with the guests surrounding you. Lots of laughter as guests enjoy phenomenal food from the best top chefs in the Blue Ridge Shenandoah Valley.”

Nancy Craun, Founder and Owner of Taste of Blue Ridge

In its infancy in 2017, Root to Table‘s sole intention was to round up our close friends (of which happened to be several amazing chefs, business owners, and farmers) to see what Appalachian flavors we could concoct.

Taste of Blue Ridge Logo | Lansdowne resort

They were a handful of passionate people who shared in that vision; they helped map out the very first ever Root to Table blueprint at Hillbrook Inn & Spa. The guests who attended were veteran foodies, well versed in the flavors and cuisine capabilities of the Shenandoah region. Those guests, alongside our initial passionate bunch, told their friends, of which told their friends. Year two of Root to Table saw an expansion to two flagship dinners. Year three has almost left the team a little stumped… What has now expanded into ten events spread out through 2019, Root to Table’s success can only be attributed to you, our passionate guests, who helped create the buzz needed to generate this kind of momentum, and maybe a little hard work from our teams, too.

Thanks to Our Sponsor

Schenck FoodsStarted in 1928, Schenck Foods Co. has shown its ability to adapt and evolve, over and over again, while staying true to their mission. When you consider shopping for local artisanal or farm goods for your commercial or at home needs, we hope you consider Schenck Foods.

We look forward to seeing new and old faces on May 31st at Lansdowne Resort! You can purchase tickets here, or buy package tickets here.