5 Tips for Multi-Generational Travel

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5 Tips for Multi-Generational Travel
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Multi-generational travel is quickly becoming a very popular way for families to vacation. Grandparents, grandchildren — and everyone in between—are traveling now more than ever as a group. But with multi-gen travel comes a set of unique challenges. How should you bridge the interest gap between children and adults to make sure everyone is having fun on vacation? Here are our best tips for how to navigate multi-generational travel to ensure a smooth and happy family vacation!

1. Get everyone involved.

And that means everyone. Start a google doc, email chain, or phone conversation to take note of what your family hopes to get out of the vacation. Even if someone says they don’t care – they probably will! Make sure to understand how your family wants to spend their time whether that means planning adventure activities or a focus around food.

2. Plan it out!

If you are traveling with multiple generations, it is important to find kid-friendly places. The last thing you want is to accidentally book an adult-only resort and show up with your little munchkins in tow. Look for restaurants with kid -friendly options. It is also wise to center your trip around family friendly locales where the children will be entertained. For the winter, we love Bryce Resort’s KinderCare program and summer adventures can be found at the Harper’s Ferry Adventure Center or the Family Drive In. These locations, or ones similar to these, provide flexible options for people of all ages to have fun.

3. Make sure lodging is appropriate. 

As previously mentioned, your lodging option is so important. You will likely need more space with a larger group of people traveling. Think about booking a cabin where everyone has their own room, or a hotel with rooms that are adjoining. But be sure to check that these lodging options welcome the kids! Here is a helpful resource with family-approved lodging in the Valley.

4. Don’t be afraid to split up.

With any group, and especially groups with people of diverse ages, there are bound to be vacation activities that someone in the group is not interested in. And that’s okay! Find ways to split the family up when needed. Dad and Grandpa can take the kids to the waterpark while Mom and Grandma head to the spa. Family travel is most successful when you give each other breathing room to ensure everyone is having a good time.

5. Record your memories.

It is so special to travel with multiple generations in one family vacation. It gives everyone the opportunity to bond, kids-top-pick-1-family-road-trip-to-winchester-virginia-25957-6.jpglaugh, and try something they wouldn’t normally do. Record these memories! Take photos, make a scrapbook, and post to social media. And don’t be afraid to let the restaurants, hotels, and resorts know how well they accommodated your family of multiple generations. This feedback would be greatly appreciated by these businesses.

For more information on planning a family vacation in the Valley, use our Kids Trail resource to find activities from kid-friendly culinary destinations to outdoor adventure.

What are your tips for traveling with family of all ages? We would love to hear!