10 Ideas Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day!

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10 Ideas Mom Will Love This Mother’s Day!
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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is is reserved for honoring the woman who helped shape you into the person you are today, but in reality, she’s done so much more than you’ll ever know. The tireless nights of no sleep as she raised you, the endless cuts and scrapes she healed, the lessons she taught, the meals she cooked, the money she spent on those shoes you desperately wanted but she knew you’d outgrow… chances are, your mom would do it all over again. The sacrifices made, nevertheless accompanied by the love she bears for her children are the trademarks of what makes mom, mom.

Though we think every day should be Mother’s Day, May 12th calls for something a little more special than the norm.¬†Mothers everywhere, no matter their age, are something to be celebrated. Help celebrate yours this Mother’s Day with these helpful ideas to serve as inspiration!

Farmers Market

There’s just something special about finding fresh, locally sourced produce and products, and mom recognizes that! She enjoys cooking and creating stuff from scratch, and it’s all the more wholesome and delicious when you know where the ingredients come from.

Farmers Market Mother's Day


You really can’t go wrong with a classic brunch. Let mom order whatever she wants, plus mimosas! The Shenandoah Valley has some really great dining spots; you’ll find no shortage of different restaurant themes to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started! Magnolias at the Mill, Redbook Restaurant, George’s Food and Spirits, Lansdowne Resort, or The Butcher Station!

Mother's Day Brunch

Spa Day

After raising you, we think mom definitely deserves some down time. We recommend Capon Springs and Farm‘s Hygeia Bath House, complete with massage options, healing mineral waters, and spa porch swings overlooking the destination’s beautiful acreage.

Capon Springs Spa Mother's Day

Cooking Classes

Regardless of whether your mom is a chef de cuisine or a microwaving guru, she’ll love getting to spend time with you cooking something in the kitchen! With the added bonding bonus of learning something new together, we definitely recommend checking out your local cooking class options. As a starting point, we suggest: Nibblins (Winchester), Cucinamore (Leesburg), or The Kitchen Studio (Frederick).

Cooking classes Mother's Day

Water Adventures

If you and your mom enjoy the great outdoors, what better place to do so than right in our backyard? The Shenandoah Valley is home to some of the nation’s greatest hiking spots, like Old Rag, Great Falls Park, and Seneca Rocks… But what really makes our region special is its rivers. There’s no adventure like a rafting or kayaking adventure, and we recommend you check out Harpers Ferry Adventure Center to start with!

Mother's Day Rafting

Go See a Movie

We have some of the best movie experiences right here in our region. Hands down the best¬†and most memorable option is The Family Drive-In Theatre, located in Stephens City, Virginia. Depending on your mom’s generation, this may even be a great blast from the past for her! There are many awesome callbacks to the time of drive-in at The Family Drive-In, like his retro speakers!

If you want a more classic approach, we highly recommend the Alamo Drafthouse, Winchester. They’ve got an amazing food menu to choose from and hospitality like no other. You’ll be able to treat mom to a meal and a flick!

Mother's Day movieWine Tasting

Take advantage of where you live! Northern Virginia is home to some of the countries best wineries and is famous for its numerous options spread throughout the Shenandoah Valley. Mom’s like wine. It’s a fact. You can’t really go wrong with this option. Head to on of your local vineyards and order a glass of wine, kick back, enjoy the view, and spend some quality time with your mom this Mother’s Day!

Wine Tasting Mother's Day

Let Her Sleep

Not the obvious choice, but all that some mom’s want (we’re looking at you, millennial moms) is to have the luxury of sleeping in! A lazy morning, some dark roasted coffee, and some peace and quiet might be on your mom’s wish list, so give her what she wants – let her sleep in!

Mother's Day Sleeping In

Cook Her Breakfast

Sometimes simple is better. The best gift you can give mom is your time. Regardless of whether you’re a natural born cook or not, your mom will appreciate the effort and the private conversation time that cooking at home allows. This option also pairs well with the choice above!

Mother's Day Breakfast

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

Don’t just tell her you love her, give her visual proof. Put together a photo album full of memories, or create new ones by setting up a photoshoot!Mother's Day photo album

Mothers are special, so make sure you treat yours to something equally as special this Mother’s Day! Our Blue Ridge mountains offer some of the best activities one can do with mom, so make sure you take advantage of them! We wish all the mom’s out there a Happy Mother’s Day! We are so appreciative for all you have done, the thankless days you’ve endured, and the love you house for us.